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About Me

I'm a good guy.

What I'm doing with my life

Chillin' or, if not chillin', Kickin' it old skool. And if not either of those, sleepin' or nursin' a cold. Oh and also eatin' or drivin' places or workin' or lookin' for work. Readin' or re-readin' if I like a book.

Books, Movies, etc.

Music: Dr. Katz, Anything DigDug, Dumbland, Muppets Christmas Album

Books: There and Back Again, Bunnicula, Superfudge


Instagrams: @jeffhobbsthecartoon

  Straight, Single, Curvy
  English, Some Spanish ("Hola", "Gracias" and menu items)


Doesn't smoke, Drinks occasionally, Drug-Curious, Has cats, Wants kids, but might be too old to have any that aren't mentally disabled.
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